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07 February 2011

Week 20 - The Plan

When I worked weekends, I liked Monday because it was the first day of my four-day weekend.  This morning I decided I like Monday's because they are fresh and full of possibilities.

I used to do a weekly plan, but haven't this year yet. Here is my school plan for the week.

The breakfast story is   Of Courage Undaunted
Poetry memorization  is Stoppying by the Woods on  a Snowy Evening
K book for the week is If you lived in the time of George Washington
Picture of the week is Washington Crossing the Delaware by Leutze
Music of the week is "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"
Making tri-corner hats and talking about presidents for social studies
Talking about fruits and vegetables for science
Week 4 in PR1 for LB
CC will do copywork two days, writing 2 days and spelling two days.
Saxon 7/6 lessons 25-29 for CC
BJU 1 lessons 2 & 3 for LB
We Will play Dogopoly
CC needs to pick a new book from the book basket to start
CC to research the Alien and Sedition Acts for history, the idea of Serendipity and mitosis .
I'll start our programming in Python class (with CC)
Each girl will do 30 minutes of Rosetta Stone
We're watching America the Story of US from the History Channel, and we are going to watch a Discovery Channel show about the Manhatten Project.
For outside classes CC has fencing and pottery.  LB has Tap.  We might go snowboarding if the weather cooperates.  Each girl has a day of school.

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