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11 February 2011

Week 20 Hello World

This week I started with a plan.  I'm not sure if it helped or hurt...

Books this Week:
Trumpet of the Swan, Fox in Socks, Of Courage Undaunted, HP5, I Can Read with My Eyes Shut, If You Grew up with George Washington, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction, What Happens to a Hamburger, On Noah's Ark, The Digging-est Dog 

This week is a scorecard.

Poems Memorized by both girls!
Stopping by the Woods on A Snowy Evening

Computer programs written by CC: 1!!!!  With a variable and some functions, CC was able to ask for a name and repeat it on the computer with a great big "Hello World!"  She is now on a well-worn path to being a computer programmer.  :)   Python is a terrific language, and it is nice to remember that I am, in fact, a computer programmer, and I can teach my kids something that I am good at.

Math Lessons Done: 4 each
Outside Activities Canceled  2 + 1 day of school
Outside Activities Attended 2 + 1 day of school
New Bruises from Fencing - 2
Favorite Phonogram OO
Foreign Languages Studies :French 30 minutes
Migraines 1
 Weapons built: 3
PR?  Week 4 complete going to have to watch the videos again this weekend
Teacher Prep
Read CW Homer and decided that it would be perfect for CC, but decided to do Paragraph Book 1 first  since I have it on the way, and I don't have Harvey's or the diagramming book.

Misc. Education things:
Modern Marvels: The Manhatten Project, History Detectives, Mythbusters, made and mailed Valentine origami frogs for cousins, made tools for a goldsmith out of Model Magic inspired by The Goldent Goblet,

It was a good week


Homeschooling6 said...

Thanks for adding all the links. I need to look at Paragraph Book 1.
Love all the pictures of your family. Thank you for sharing :)

Mandy in TN said...

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction- LOL! I think we need it.