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20 February 2011

This Book is All Phonics!

We picked up Dr. Suess's Hop on Pop this week at the local used book store. Hubby gave it to LB to "read" in bed since her sister gets to read in bed after bedtime stories. She brought the book down to the living room about a 15 minutes later with a giant grin on her little face exclaiming that she could read it.

Then she curled up in my lap with the book to demonstrate her newly discovered skill. As she was sounding out the words and reading the pages, she realized, "This book is all phonics." I tried to tell her that reading is actually all about phonics, but she wasn't convinced.

The previous night she had been getting distracted while I read Go, Dog, Go to her because she kept reading the words unintentionally.

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the cat said...

How exciting! And what a funny little girl you have.