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25 February 2011

Week 22 - So, what is important?

This week in books:
 Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction , SOTW 3, Kingfisher History (red), Happily Ever After Stories, Cactus Hotel, Armadillo Rodeo, Hop On Pop (LB read), Go, Dog, Go, HP (CC read), Uncover a Cobra,
What Einstein Told his Cook, Romeo and Juliet, Enjoy Your Cells,

The week in Pictures

Romeo and Juliet acted out with animals.
This version is not a tragedy.

Morning routine

Science with Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction and a hammer
 and roll caps and rocks with wet hair and sunglasses

LB helping out in CC's pottery class

CC getting the wheel ready

The Week in Words:
*Monday, we did a good amount of our work then found that fencing was canceled because of President's Day.  It is the highlight of CC's day, and she was very disappointed.

*Tuesday as I dropped off LB at school, I stopped to give her one more big hug.  Then as I drove home, a car passed me driving erratically, cutting corners on a curvy road and speeding.  I wondered where she was going so fast and thought she was driving dangerously.  Around the next curve, she had crashed into a truck.  If I hadn't lingered for one more hug, I would have been on the other side of the curve when she sped around it.

*I had a terrific discussion Wednesday with CC about the difference between a civil war and a revolution.  She was writing a summary of Charles I for history and thought the English Civil War should have been a called a revolution.  We looked up several articles online about that conflict and found that it has been called by both and the name usually said something about the politics of people that named it.  This is what I love about homeschooling.

*LB called hubby most nights to read him a bedtime story - he's outta town for the week.   btw - SHE's READING !!

*We packed up BB's birthday box to send to Japan.  I think it made us all a little sad. 

*Got another migraine this week.  I seriously think its time to move to the middle of nowhere.  At least to somewhere where there is no cinnamon and no one cooks with soy sauce.

* LB learned about evens and odds last week in math.  This week she stretched into counting by twos then figured out counting by fives on her own.  

*CC made the most delicious dinner for us while I was at tap dancing with LB.  She started with a ravioli recipe then modified it since I can't eat wheat.   She made a super flavorful stuffing for it from meat and spices since LB can't eat dairy.  It was amazingly awesome.

*CC's ps class is working through a e-Mission called Moon, Mars, and Beyond which simulates a space mission.  She realized that more than half of her class of 4th and 5th grades don't know their multiplication facts.   She's decided to be a cargo specialist - she doesn't like decoding or navigation but loves the math for cargo.

*LB has graduated from "pancake mixer" to "pancake flipper" and is quite proud of her perfect pancakes.

*This week with hubby out of town has been hard.


Angel said...

My 10yo dd has been enjoying Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction today! She had one flop and one that works great :)

LaughingLioness said...

As always I am challenged by your week! I love the "books, pictures, words" : ). We'll checking out "weapons." My dh has fenced on and off for years and my oldest did for awhile. It is such a cool sport.
Hope those migranes go away and stay away! Have a restful week-end!

MissMOE said...

Love books, pictures, words. I'm heading into one of those weeks with a hubby out of town--know how hard it is. Hope it's getting easier and he's home.