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10 March 2011

Week 24 -" I'm Okay"

BB emailed me right after the earthquake to say that he is okay.  He said it was huge and lasted a long time, but he's okay.  An email titled "I'm Okay" was the most important part of my week. 

The week in books:
 Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction, STOW3Happily Ever After StoriesStories from IndiaHistory: The Definitive Visual Guide, a Bob book a day (LB),  LoF Fractions, Rattletrap Car, Fairytale Favorites, The Tawny Scrawny Lion, The Shakespeare Stealer (CC),  The Color Kittens, A Family Treasury of Little Golden Books, Thomas Jefferson's America.

The Week in Pictures:
History - of course
Add a BB in one end and pull the string - make sure you're wearing safety goggles
Mango the puppy beat Ursa the bear 9-7 in the election. She won by two votes.
See - Mommy really does have spring fever.

Ready to conquer the mountains

The Week in Words.

Why, yes, I am the parent at the ski slope having my daughter do phonics after she finished skiing.  LB was done skiing for the day two hours before her sister.  She did her phonics, handwriting and colored.  It's horrid;  I know.  If that isn't bad enough, they both did math on the way up to the mountains.

"What's homework?"
"Its schoolwork that you do at home, if you didn't finish your work at school."
"But isn't all my schoolwork homework?"
"Nope.  The work you do during school time is school work.  The work you put off and don't finish during school time is homework. "

I fell victim to home school comparing this week.  It was terrible.  I had started working on LB's plans for first grade and was feeling very satisfied with our direction when it snuck up on me. Even though I am very confidant with what we are doing,  I noticed it in the back of my head worming around.  It's a bad feeling.  I'm trying to get rid of it instead of question if we're "doing enough."

LB came home from school extremely excited about science because there was an inflatable planetarium in the cafeteria. She talked on and on about different star systems. 

The spring fever is getting bad.  Thursday, I hurried LB through her school work so that I could go to the park.

Friday is a sick day.  Both the girls have a fever and a sore throat.

This week LB read 5 Bob books two times each.  She did two pages of ETC each day along with handwriting (we've started GD book B).  She also did two pages of math every day. She learned about space in school and worked on a diorama at home.  She spent most of her free time playing with stuffed animals or Schleich animals.

CC did one lesson from Saxon, three lessons from LoF Fractions and practiced her facts.  She read a chapter of STOW, a section from the history encyclopedia, finished the last HP, read The Shakespeare Stealer, was a cargo specialist on a space mission simulation, made a couple of dangerous weapons, added to her time line, worked on her handwriting (she's in GD book F), practiced her new poem (Charge of the Light Brigade) and made a diorama.

Together this week, we read more stories from India and spent a day skiing and snowboarding.

With Friday as a sick day, we have completed 122 days of school.

Part of BB's acceptance package for his college included an emergency evacuation plan for the students in case of a major disaster.  I've been afraid every time there is an earthquake in the Ring of Fire.  This morning was the first time the news made me cry even though I had read "I'm Okay" before I saw the news.  I took off work today because the girls are sick;  I think I'm going to spend a most of the day holding them tightly while I can.


TheRockerMom said...

Wow! Love the pics! It sounds like you and your family had a great week. I'm glad that your son is okay.

Tina said...

Enjoyed your format. I may have to borrow it...pondering.

SO glad you heard those 2 beautiful words, "I'm okay." Sigh of relief right there with you.

FORGET what everybody else is doing...find Your groove :)

Monica . . . said...

So glad to hear that your son is safe.

Karen said...

It's amazing how worried you can be for someone you don't even know. I am so glad to hear your son is fine. Heap love on your girls this weekend :)

Kymmie said...

Loving the format, I may also be borrowing it.

I can't imagine having a child so far away, and something like this happen. I'm so glad he is okay.