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18 March 2011

Week 25 - Flu and evacuations

The week in books
People with the flu don't read.  

The week in pictures
People with the flu don't want their pictures taken. 

The week in words
Influenza and earthquakes are the keywords for the week.  CC was diagnosed with the flu last Friday.  I came down with it on Saturday. Sunday and Monday are a blur of sickness and worry about BB.  Tuesday, CC felt better enough to "do school."  She did a chapter of LoF, read a chapter of SoTW, and wrote a poem from memory (Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening) then checked her punctuation and spelling.  After she did her work, she went back to bed for a four hour nap.  I slept through the whole thing.   

LB came down with our flu Wednesday so now she and I are in bed together.  We had tried to give her Tamiflu to prevent this, but she had an allergic reaction to it. Thursday saw Hubby succumb.  

CC continued to do her self-assigned work everyday in addition to helping around the house.  We watched some educational dvd's that we hadn't had a chance to watch this year - America: The Story of US and Galapagos.  LB filled up on princess movies, Rugrats and Dinosaur Train with lots of sleep in between.

BB has decided not to evacuate from Tokyo.  He is safe in his apartment and has electricity and food.   I'm very worried, but I respect his decision.  Next week he is planning to go back to work.  The kindergarten he works at is opening again next week, but they are short of teachers because so many people have left.  His college classes have been postponed until the end of the month.  Even though his choice worries me, I'm very proud of him and how he is dealing with this.  You never want your kids to be in situation like this, but his actions have proven that he is becoming a man of strong character.



Gillian said...

I am so glad BB is okay, and what a brave young man to stay when so many are running away!

I hope you are all over the flu soon. We were really sick last month and it is so hard.

Mary said...

Sorry about the Flu!!! I hope you are all 100% really soon.


Sarah said...

I'm so sorry you have all been sick. I think it would just be easier if everyone could get it at once. It seems to last forever when you get it one after the other. Hope you're all well soon. So glad BB is safe.

WildIris said...

I've been thinking about your family. I'm glad that BB is OK.