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25 March 2011

Week 26 - Better

The week in books:
STOW3,   Stories from IndiaFarm Flu, a Bob book a day (LB),  LoF Fractions, Rattletrap Car, Fairytale FavoritesA Family Treasury of Little Golden Books, Happily Ever After StoriesPhilosphy 101 by Socrates, Pinocchio,  Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,

This week in pictures:

Flying Turtles in the Basement

That's a really long hill
If you use cookies for catapult practice, Buddy will clean up for you.

Our Daily Work This Week:           

LB does 2 pages of BJU Math, 1 page of Miquon, 2 pages of ETC, 1 page of GD Italic B, reads a Bob book, and reads two lessons from McGuffy's Primer.  She also has a spelling list each week that I took from PR1.  This takes her about an hour.  I go over her lessons with her then watch as she completes them.

CC does at least one lesson from Fred, reads a chapter from SOTW3, writes a half page to a page, makes at least one weapon, reads at least an hour from one of the books from the old SL Alt. 7. Right now her writing assignments consist of writing down poems from memory then checking her spelling and punctuation.   She has a spelling list each week that I took from Natural Speller.  This takes her about three hours.  We talk about her work after she does it, but she does the work independently.

I read to them daily and try for at least an hour of reading.  Right now we are reading a book of tales from India.

This week in words:

Where did spring come from? I just realized Tuesday that it was sunny and kinda warm outside. The girls complained that its spring break so they shouldn't be doing school work although they did it anyway.

Thursday, the girls turned the basement into The Space Academy (TSA) which is "a classical school on the moon to prepare children to enter TSU (The Space University)."
BB  is back working at his job in Tokyo and is worried about the future of his school semester.  So far his school has delayed the start of school three times and sent all of the semester abroad students back home permanently.

I'm planning school for next year since I've had some extra quiet time.  LB will do SoTW 1 with the AG and CC will get to return to her favorite time period but focusing on philosophers this time.  I started reading Philosophy 101 by Socrates to brush up.


MissMOE said...

Good to hear your son in Japan is doing okay. I wondered about how he was doing. Looks like a great week. I love how you split it up into books, pics, words, and daily work.

LaughingLioness said...

Agreeing wtih Miss MOre about your ds, how you divide the week and, as usual, all that you accomplished. I'll have to check out Philosophy 101. have a great week-end!

Mary said...

Glad to hear your ds is ok!

Space Academy sounds like it was fun!