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01 April 2011

Week 27 April is here

The week in books:
Indian Tales, Prince Caspian, The Westing Game, STOW2The Nutcracker,   LoF Fractions, Philosophy 101 by Socrates, PinocchioMini Weapons of Mass Destruction

This week in pictures:

Geography - Twister style
LB's first comic strip - learning about story order
Playdough vegetables - yum

Making sentences and reading

CC's Keva racetrack


This week in random thoughts:
After way too much time researching, I decided that CC should read The Chronicles of Narnia in publication order and not in chronological order.  
  • 1950: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • 1951: Prince Caspian
  • 1952: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  • 1953: The Silver Chair
  • 1954: The Horse and His Boy
  • 1955: The Magician's Nephew
  • 1956: The Last Battle
CC has finished SoTW3 and realized that she's never read SoTW2.   She started that this week.  She's also been loving The Westing Game from out SL ALT7 box.  I remember BB was really engrossed in that book too.

LB spent Monday morning creating comics online while CC spent Monday morning designing an experiment with Keva blocks and ping-pong balls.

I've noticed that at least once a week my girls will play school.  I'm trying to figure out what that means.

BB's classes are finally resuming next week.  They've been canceled since the earthquake.

I've been listening to SWB's lectures on writing and history.  It sounds so much more do able than what I had picked up from reading TWTM. 

We've been playing with words this week - try having a conversation without verbs or without pronouns.  It is lots of fun.

We're off to the park this afternoon with friends.  I've missed park days this winter.

 Daily work this week:

For LB daily : 2 pages of Miquon or two pages from BJU math, 3 pages from the  Kumon book of numbers 1-70 (dot-to-dots are big this week), 2 pages from ETC2, and a page from McGuffy's Primer

For CC daily: a page of copywork from her memory (still doing poems she knows from IEW linguistic dev.), a lesson from Fred (one day she got "caught up" in the lessons and did 4 chapters), a chapter from SOTW2 (yes, we are going backwards in time),  a weapon of mass destruction, reading from the SL ALT7 box, and free reading for at least an hour

They also have a spelling test at the end of the week, and I read to them daily for at least an hour.

135 days complete so far.


Karen said...

Geography twister looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

I love the racetrack your daughter made. My son wants to try that now!

LaughingLioness said...

As always, you rock. Love the pictures!

MissMOE said...

I always enjoy reading your post. Your kids always look like they are enjoying their time with school project. Thanks for sharing your post.

Sarah said...

Love that geography game. I've never seen it before.