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03 April 2011

Week 28

The week in books
Alive, If Dogs Ruled the World, Kiss The Cow, Give Me Half, Islands of the Blessed, English and Grammar, Cheaper by the Dozen, Encyclopedia of Horses and PoniesIndian Tales, Prince Caspian, The Westing Game, STOW2The Nutcracker,   LoF Fractions, Philosophy 101 by Socrates, PinocchioMini Weapons of Mass DestructionClassiQuest Biology,

This week in pictures:

LB at the park with Daddy

CC loves the water.

LB surprised us when we started the science lab by
 giving this definition, "A hypothesis is an idea you can test."

CC and her lab partner

I think she'd be able to take over the world if she had enough duck tape.

This week in random thoughts:

My top contender for the things-I-never-thought-I'd-say award is "Get dressed before you go out to fire your BB gun."

I need to change our school schedule.  Wednesday at noon, both girls were in their jammies having done no school other than their science reading. From now on, they will be completing their schoolwork first thing in the day instead of putting it off until the end of the day. Of course after lunch, CC helped LB read Dogs then they did their math and went outside to fight trolls with wooden swords in their jammies.  After that, they came inside to research  Medieval jobs and artists and setup a village.    Some weeks, I'm a very good home educator and some weeks my children are apparently unschooled.  I'm blaming this week on a migraine (or two).  I think that instead of feeling bad that I didn't educate well this week I will be proud of what my kids can accomplish alone when they need to.

LB has a new favorite artist, Rousseau..  We spent some time online looking at his paintings and found a terrific art game at the National Gallery of Art for Kids.

BB started back to class this week; they've been out of school since the earthquake.  He's going to a cherry blossom festival this weekend and has promised me pictures.

Daily work this week:
CC did at least one chapter of LoF Fractions everyday, worked on her writing and poetry memorization, read either science or history, helped her sister with reading or math, cooked something, and read for pleasure.

LB did 2-4 pages of Miquon each day, read a page from Phonics Pathways, read two pages from an Usborne science book, and did a page from GD Italics.

Other work:
LB started Elemental Science Biology with daddy, learned about fractions from Give Me Half, cooked cornbread by herself, participated in CC'c science lab, and learned our recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

CC started ClassiQuest Biology with a friend, made a couple of catapults, taught her sister our recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and generally stepped up for more responsibility when I wasn't feeling well.

I did manage to read to them everyday this week - LB noticed a similarity between Pinocchio and Red Riding Hood.

It was overall a good week, especially for kilts.


Gifts for Girls Academy said...

I think it sounds like you had a fabulous week! I love your book variety. Your girls remind me of mine so often in that they too love dramatic play. My two girls are outside daily with swords, bows and arrows and medieval dress-up clothes! LOL!

Laurie said...

I liked this, "I think that instead of feeling bad that I didn't educate well this week I will be proud of what my kids can accomplish alone when they need to." I need to remember that one myself!

MissMOE said...

It certainly was a great week for kilts!!!! It is nice to realize our kids will occupy themselves in a productive way when given the chance.