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15 April 2011

Week 29 Vignettes

LB's Rooster inspired by Pancakes! Pancakes! by Eric Carle

Mmm - Healthy Delivery to make my life easier

CC and her science lab partner

LB discovering the first blooms of spring in an April Shower

When I heard the fencing coach yell, "Alright, everyone drop and give me 100 push-ups", I looked up to see CC starting her push-ups with a strong and determined expression on her face.  Some of the other kids whined and complained or started out trying to do the push-ups on their knees, but she just kept on working her way through.  I was proud.  After a few minutes, the coach told them to get up and run sprints.  When I asked her about it after practice, she said she'd done 28 and hoped the whole time that the coach wouldn't make them do them all.

Maybe minute 48 of being on hold with the IRS isn't the best time to decide that I need to put my kids in school next year.

Walter the Farting Dog, The Big Dipper, Five True Dog Stories, Mara, Daughter of the Nile, Islands of the Blessed, When will it be Spring?The Many Adventure of Winnie the PoohPancakes, Pancakes!

Curricula Used This Week:
Story of the World 2, Life of Fred Fractions, ClassiQuest Biology, Elemental Science Biology, Miquon Orange, Phonics Pathways, GD Italics B, ETC 2, IEW Poetry, Grammar, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, A Child's Book of Art, Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

What I'm reading this week:
A Canticle for Leibowitz (my lighter read), Moby Dick (my bedtime story), Les Miserables (my two and half hours watching fencing read),  New and Selected Poems 2 by Mary Oliver (because it's poetry)

Lessons Learned This Week:
After feeling frustrated this week about how our days have been unfolding, I listened to Homeschooling the Real Child by Susan Wise Bauer.  In the first five minutes, I realized why I was having trouble.  I have not been starting my day with a plan and then communicating that plan to the girls.  I changed that by spending the first few cuddly minutes of the day talking about what we will be doing for the day, and it has made a world of difference.  LB was finished with her work by 9:30 the first day I tried this.  I just need to keep it up.

I need to reevaluate my relationship with french fries.


MissMOE said...

Great post! I need to reevulate my relationship with chocolate! :) I really enjoyed clicking around your blog.

Karen said...

How many pages do you read of Moby Dick before you're asleep? lol

Karen said...

It only takes 3 or 4 pages of Moby Dick before I'm asleep, unless I'm near the end book where it is exciting, then I can read 5 or 6. :)