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29 April 2011

Week 31

LB was sick from Sunday through Wednesday, so I've only had one student for the week.  I was super-busy the first of the week, and CC accomplished her work mostly alone.   I was able to help her understand cross reduction when multiplying fractions which is supremely awesome since neither of us can ever remember me successfully helping her with math before.  Ironically, I had to spend the first part of the week preparing a training session for work instead of teaching my kids. CC listened to me do the training, and I rocked it.  I covered the material including answering questions without a single stumble.

CC is on lesson 27 of LoF Fractions, finishing chapter 3 of SoTW 2 with great written summaries 3 times a week and working through a perplexor daily;  she read a section from the Kingfisher encyclopedia of science and performed The Spider and the Fly for her enrichment school talent show.  She's been reading Asterix books all week for her free reading then looking up the historical references and anachronisms in each book.  Our chapter this week in ClassiQuest Biology concerns living organisms.  Her favorite things from the week were scoring a point on a point on a much larger opponent in fencing, playing with friends and getting a new chick.

LB was sick this week so she missed the talent show at her enrichment school but was able to join the show on her sister's school day and perform her poem, The Fifth of November.  She's done no school this week  until today but did pick up a chick from her enrichment school after the talent show.  Today, she did 4 pages of ETC 3 and 2 pages of Miquon Orange plus took a nature walk with our friends and participated in CC's science experiment.

We have very dear family in Apison, TN that lost their homes to tornadoes this week.  They survived mostly unharmed, but with nothing.  Our hearts are heavy over their loss and the catastrophe that struck the area.

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Regena said...

Love the little chickie! One year, I did a biology class and
4-H loaned us an incubator and got heritage breed eggs for us. We all had so much fun with those chicks!