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06 May 2011

Week 32 Carrot Stew and Responsible Adults

The Burgess Seashore BookI Am QuakerIslands of the BlessedLittle Golden Books TreasuryThe Ancient Near Eastern World, Pyramid, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Poetry for Young People, WIlliam Blake

This week I made one of our new favorites, Tawny Scrawny Lion soup which was inspired by the little rabbits. 
4-5 medium carrots
1-2 small sweet potatoes
1 medium turnip
1 medium onion
2-3 stalks celery
handful of flavorful mushrooms
fresh herbs
salt to taste
1/2 stick of butter
water or broth

Have your darling husband dice everything into small pieces and put in large pot.  Saute in butter until tender.  Fill the pot with water or broth and simmer covered for 4 or more hours.  Either process in a food processor or with a stick blender until smooth.  Test for seasoning.  Simmer a few more minutes.   Serve with steamed white fish and a drop of heavy cream.  The ingredients vary with the veggies I have on hand, and if I were being more diligent, I'd saute the mushrooms and some onions in butter and add to the soup after it was blended.


CC started out the week sick with LB's sore throat from last week so I gave the girls lots of time to play and rest.  We started reading The Seashore Book in preparation for a trip to the beach with family over the summer and as an antidote for the gray cold that has returned.

I helped chaperon a field trip this week.  After more than 21 years of being a parent, I am still surprised when I get to be the responsible adult.    Me.  I'm the one that eats ice cream before dinner and rides scooters barefoot down the road.  I didn't lose any kids.

When I started my wrap-up this week, I realized that I couldn't remember what schoolwork we'd done.  Where exactly did my week go?  However, I'm relieved to remember that my oldest student was sick most of the week.  She is one chapter shy of finishing LoF Fractions.  She has decided that it doesn't have enough practice for her so we're going to spend some time working at the Khan Academy Exercise Dashboard.   She wants to spend a good part of the summer doing more practice with what she's learned instead of starting LoF Decimals or going back to Saxon.

LB has had a really good week.  With her sister sick, I've cut her back to just phonics, math and stories.  She loves all of that and has really been thriving in Miquon and ETC.   She has also started creating more imaginative stories.  At the beginning of the year, she'd tell stories that basically went like this: 
Once upon a time, a beautiful princess met a handsome price.  They got married and had a beautiful baby girl and loved her very much.  The End.
Her stories now have more characters and at least two scenes that are full of details and descriptions.  She doesn't put in conflict yet, and her heroes never have an antagonist.  But they are getting more details and better flow.  She can also retell a fable or fairytale that she's knows getting the characters and the main plot correctly ordered.

For science this week, CC learned to make and stain wet-mount slides.  Luckily, LB had a bloody nose just as CC was looking for something else to make a slide of.

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