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13 May 2011

Week 33 - Uh oh - I see myself sliding into summer weeks too soon.

On Mother's Day, we had perfect weather so I spent the day relaxing in the shade after working in the garden with hubby.  Now I feel summer.  I want those lazy, quiet days.  I don't want to juggle school and work and home and everything else.  I just want to sit in the shade with a book listening to the kids play. 

Books this week:
The Color Kittens, Around the World in Eighty Days, Encyclopedia of Horses, The Islands of the Blessed, Burgess Seashore Book, William Blake, Coral Kingdom, Happily Ever After Stories, Cinderella, Peter Pan

LB doing Math

CC doing Math
BB chatting with me

School Work:
I found that CC had been balking about finishing LoF Fractions because she didn't know we had Decimals waiting for her.  Now she's looking forward to graduating from Fractions as soon as I make a copy of the certificate.

CC daily did math, history reading plus written summary, perplexors, poetry practice plus copywork, reading  for at least an hour both fiction and non fiction.  She also does a chapter from ClassiQuest Biology each week with a friend.

LB daily did Miquon, ETC, Phonics Pathways and had a story of her choice read to her.  Now that she's lost a couple of teeth, we've started Peter Pan again.  I wonder if she'll identify more with Wendy this time.


Angela said...

Is that a WTM screen I see on the computer? Hehe.

Wow, what a great box of cuisenaire rods.

Loved the Colorado weather last weekend, but did you get dumped on with snow this week? Luckily, it all melted within 48 hours.

- Angela

Karen said...

Me reading WTM board while the kids do their math? ;) Of course.

We had 80's followed by snow and frozen rain.