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12 August 2011

Summer Report 6

Our Favorite Spot for Dinner

I guess we aren't the only ones that like this shady spot behind our house

No need for the book to identify those tracks, but it is good to double check

A lovely new path

A beautiful place to hike

It is hard to try to tell a story from this week because it was long and strange. Bears moved into the wonderful woody area behind our house. We hiked a wonderful trail that we'd never tried before. BB went back to Japan. CC went from long hair to a pixie cut. LB was sick most of the week. I managed to get a migraine the day I was getting over a migraine so I had the joy of two in a row. My BIG meeting at work was wonderful even though the migraines kept me from feeling as prepared as I would have liked. The weather changed from 90's to 60's then settled into the 80's.

We're still continuing our small bits of school work through the summer which have included math, reading, and phonics. This week, we started up science again with Mendelian genetics.  I replaced the ClassicQuest lab which used hair color with a Dragon Genetics Lab I had found.   The kids had a lot of fun with it.

It is always  hard to get into a rhythm after BB goes back to school.  It takes a while for a the old/new normal to settle in. 


Tina said...

sniffing about your son's departure. I'm close to this, but still can't be happy about it. I'll miss my boy too much.
Sounds like your new neighbors will be interesting. I'll be watching for posts about them.

Mandy in TN said...

I can't decide between what a fabulous dining location or Food and Forest and Bears, Oh MY!

Hope you had a good time with BB and now are able to settle quickly into your old/new normal.

Oh, and congrats to CC on getting your hair chopped off! It is a small act of bravery and liberating experience.