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19 August 2011

Summer Report 7

Momma bear enjoyed our cottonwood tree before she took the cubs further away

Summer is starting to look more like school around here.  I finally pressed "Buy" on my Rainbow Resource order.  One thing was on backorder so it will be maybe two weeks before we get the last of the school books.   CC went back to fencing.  LB will start back to tap dancing next week.  We had our last summer park day with our friends. I've ordered an extra inhaler for CC to leave at her enrichment school and printed out the forms so she can carry one.  We also bought new shoes for school and started choosing fall clothes.  There's just been a bit more hustle and bustle around here.
Before the haircut and before BB went back to Japan

CC spent most of the summer reading Jules Verne books, but has switched over to Heidi for a change of pace and also read Stories from Scotland this week. I picked up some Max Axiom books to see what level they would be around here.  CC likes them, but I think the science content level is a little low for 5th grade.   She started reading a brain book that I bought to accompany our science unit and really enjoyed it.  She's almost finished with the MM geometry book that I'd printed out for her to use during the summer.  She wants to continue doing  geometry alongside LoF Decimals when school starts.  She also tried on her uniform and met her new teachers. 

I had counted the lessons in LB's ETC 3 book and marked when she'd start the school year so I could put the lesson numbers in my weekly plans.  When she saw the marks in her book, she decided that she should be doing the first grade work now and caught herself up to those lessons.  It is really good that she's ahead of my plan, but it kind of ruins my plan.  I guess I'll just remove the lesson numbers from my spreadsheet instead of trying to keep ahead of her.

Hubby and I took a day off this week to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary.  It was terrific to spend most of day with just the man I love.
A view from our hike this week

Where we stopped for a birthday lunch

Happy Birthday


Daisy said...

Ryan likes the Max Axiom books also but I agree with you, the content is lower than I had expected (hoped for).

Most of my kids' extra-curricular stuff doesn't start until Sept (thankfully) so we have a few weeks to adjust to school lessons first.

Did your daughter have any stand-out favorite Verne books this summer?

Karen said...

She liked Journey to the Center of the Earth best with 20,000 Leagues next. When she started reading them, she was sure the Around the world would be her favorite.

All of our extra curricular stuff starts with the ps calendar which starts mid-August so I decided to get all of that going first then add in more school work gradually on top of it.