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21 October 2011

Week 7

I'm really deliciously happy right now.  I  finished  Anna Karenina which I've been reading  for a couple of weeks.  I can't believe that I'd never read this book.  I remember those other Russian authors, and I've even read War & Peace which is good, but it isn't Anna Karenina good. 

This week was hard for me with a mix of migraines and a birthday

Monday, we managed to do school which went well except for a problem with LoF.

Tuesday was LB's birthday, and she had a terrific field trip with school.  CC and I spent a good part of the day learning that NEM will not work for us in any way shape or form.  She'd already been betrayed by Fred on Monday which made this worse.  Fred will randomly add in a problem with no context, and CC HATES that.

Wednesday..... I am pretty sure the kids spent the day watching Mythbusters and Popular Mechanics for Kids.  The house was dark, and the kids were quiet so that was all good with my head.

Thursday was better. We did our work and our friends came over for school. I loved our science unit which covered worms.  Lets just say that a kid might read about worm anatomy for an hour, but it only takes a minute of holding an earthworm to learn which end is the posterior.  Also, reading that worms have nerve bundles in each segment isn't nearly as memorable as seeing that a worm can smell with its posterior end as well as with his middle and his head.

I went to bed before the kids Thursday night, but not before reading Midsummer Night's Dream from Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare to LB and putting Charlotte's Web on for her to listen to.  She told me she loves E.B. White.  I skipped reading to CC because she had started reading The Throne of Fire  and was already lost in it.

Friday, CC woke up very tired because she'd stayed up to read all of The Throne of Fire.  She did her schoolwork quickly and was done before lunch.  LB woke up early, enjoyed her breakfast and watched a Japanese video while I was in a meeting.  We all went for a walk and played in the leaves.  


Sonshine Classical Academy said...

Looks like a good week. I added that Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare to my wish list. Thanks for the link. I hope your migraines go away soon. :(

Gillian said...

I too want to read that Shakespeare book - I think my kids would really like it. Looks like a pretty good week, migraine and math considered!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Sounds like you had a good, productive week despite the headache and the math issues. We love EB Awhite here, too (of course!). My girls love all of his books in audio, and what makes them even better to me is that he does the reading. :-)

My name is Tiffany said...

Looks like despite the headache your week was great! Wow I remember being a child staying up reading books. I am an adult who stays up reading books now but its great to see that love passed on.