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28 October 2011

Week 8 - The only thing that matters

I usually summarize my school week mixed with our life because homeschooling is part of our life, but sometimes that life overshadows the school.  This morning it doesn't really matter that CC likes her new math program or that LB loves writing sentences in cursive.  This morning what matters is what Missy the OR nurse will say when she comes in over the next few hours.

My mom, aka, Grandma around here, started having trouble breathing last week when we took a beautiful fall walk. She sat, rested, and dismissed it.  The same thing happened the next day. Monday, she was sure she might be coming down with something because she felt achy and couldn't sleep.  Tuesday, she woke up with pressure in her chest but finally went back to sleep.  Wednesday, I noticed she looked pale and was rubbing her chest certain she'd pulled a muscle.  Thursday, I finally convinced her to go to the doctor, and took her to the emergency room instead of a doctor.  She'd had a heart attack.

Right now, she is having bypass surgery and that's the only thing that matters.