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11 November 2011

Week 10 - Catching up

Last week was hard.  The previous week was very hard.  My mom's surgery went well.  ICU was a hard place to spend a couple of days and so was the cardiac unit.  We brought her home on a Tuesday after a triple bypass on a Friday which was also really hard.  There were so many people watching her and taking care of her in the hospital that bringing her home was intimidating.  My brother was here from Michigan.  It was amazing to have him here.  I always think of him as my baby brother, but he was strong and steady.  All of us worked hard to make things as normal as possible around here.

After we came home, Mom got worse instead of better.  She started having irregular heartbeats so I took her back to the hospital.  They found a blood clot in her lungs and in her leg so she spent another 4 days in the cardiac unit.

We've spent a lot of time in the hospital over the past couple of weeks.  The girls have learned a lot about doctors, surgeons, nurses, cardiologists, hospitals, hearts, blood, IVs, heart rhythm -- things I really hadn't planned to teach this year.  We also got a good lesson in taking care of each other and rolling with what life throws your way.

My sister is here this weekend helping to get mom settled again and get all of her cardiac rehab, medications, followup appointments and such straightened.  I could probably do it alone, but it is so nice to have her here.  She makes me smile.

Through it all, we've mostly done our essential school work - phonics, reading, math, writing, music, dance, pottery.  The girls have picked up more chores to help out. --Notice I managed to put some school content in here.  We are getting back to school and life.
A picture of LB's work done for one day, between visits to the hospital.

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