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18 November 2011

Week 11 - Cello Recital

Here is a short sample from this week's cello recital.  The kids have been playing since September.  There are kids from three groups in the recital and they've only had one practice together.  I think they're phenomenal.   CC is in the third row of cellos in the middle wearing red like everyone else. 

CC spent the early part of the week worrying about the performance and having those stressful anxiety dreams - turning into a banana on stage and not being able to play or the cello blowing up.  However, she learned that once she sat down with her cello that the anxiety went away and she wasn't nervous anymore.  All those hours of practice let her relax into the music.    When people discuss how to build self-esteem in kids, I turn to examples like this.  Actually doing real things that are a real challenge builds self- esteem much better than reading books or talking about it.

The rest of the week was wondrously routine. CC is still loving AoPS Prealgebra.  LB is getting very confident with her two math programs (Saxon and Math in Focus) and is turning out to be quite good at math.  Phonics, writing, reading, history, logic, poetry and science are plodding along too.  The girls are both enjoying their enrichment schools.  It was a very good week.


Cindie said...

That sounds beautiful! Nothing like music to make your heart sing. Doing real things is truly how you learn as well as build self-esteem. The violin has really helped my girls feel a sense of accomplishment.

MissMOE said...

Love the video! And you are so right about the self esteem--actually doing and accomplishing things is the way to build it. And I love the new look of your blog.

Mary said...

Great video :)