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03 December 2011

Week 13

This week's report includes some from last week since we were off the end of the week.  We've been to the natural history museum, riding go-carts, the aquarium, cello practice, our normal schools, a shadow day at a classical school, art school, dance and judo.

School work has varied from the normal and routine to field trips and also to late-night reading through gardening books (gotta love library trips).  What kind of person stays up to the wee hours to read a gardening book?

The girls both enjoy non-fiction books. This week, LB is reading See How They Grow: Fox and  Eye Wonder: Ocean.  She loves these books because they are visually appealing.  CC has been reading Sugar Changed the World which is a mix of two of her favorite topics: science and history.   Some other single topic science/history books she's read lately are Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster and The Quest for the Tree Kangaroo.  She's allocated a new shelf in the library to single-topic science books in hopes of filling it with more books like this. I've found that as she's gotten older, she prefers books like this that go deeper into one topic instead of books that give a bigger view.  

CC trying to avoid the camera

We're seriously looking at a classical school for next year for CC. It  has everything I'd want in a school from Latin to Socratic discussion.   We spent a day this week observing classes.  CC was excited to see other girls excited by math, history and ideas.  I could see her happily picturing herself there although I'm having trouble picturing myself not homeschooling her. 

LB and her friend at the museum
LB is making steady and terrific progress in math and reading.  She's also becoming a wonderful artist and storyteller.  She's right on track for how I'd like her schooling to be, except that maybe we spend too much time cuddling on the couch, but I can't complain much about that.  Her first grade is very different from CC's, but the basic ideal of tailored learned, family, stories, and free-play is all there even if it is all different.

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Looks like an exciting week!