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16 December 2011

Week 15 Snowflakes

It is so good the have BB home!
Other than that here is our week by school-age child:
CC: Christmas party, cello recital, reading, indoor sky diving, reading, math, party, reading, math, judo, square dancing, math, reading

LB: playing, math, reading, pajama day, about me poster, snowflakes, math, reading, singing, math, reading, judo, square dancing, playing, exploring, gingerbread people, math, playing, reading

We've reduced the week to our math+reading requirements which is a pretty good workload for the last two weeks of the year.  We're doing lots of Christmas carol singing, decorating, present wrapping, baking, and enjoying each other.
 I'm rethinking some of what we use for school for the new year.  I'm looking to add some formal geography memorization to our week.  I'd like the girls to learn the names, capitals, and locations of all of the countries in the world.  If you have taught this and have a recommendation, please let me know.

My thought for this week is to stop and enjoy the right now without comparing it to what you think it should be and without trying to hold on to it or get more of it.  Just enjoy it as it is, just like a snowflake.


Mary said...

Glad to hear your BB is home!

Gillian said...

Must be so nice to have BB home! My brother has been out of the country more than in it for business and may go live in Taiwan for a year-we may not be together much, but I sure miss him when he's out of the country! And I love your thought of the week!

Mrs. W said...

Indoor skydiving?? Do tell.
I really like your perspective on being in the moment.

Karen said...

The indoor skydiving is done in a vertical wind tunnel with about 100 mph winds. I have a video that needs to be clipped. I'll post it when it's done. Hubby, BB, and CC went and loved it.

LaughingLioness said...

Hey Karen, Passing along a Versitile Blogger "award." http://goldengrasses.blogspot.com/
Hope your holidays are lovely! Lisa