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20 January 2012

Week 18 Ode to Joy

Last week was by day so this week I'll summarize by subject.

CC is in chapter 2 of AoPS PreAlgebra.  She's working hard on order of operations and exponents.
LB did 6 pages of MiF 1 and 3 lessons of Saxon 2.  She has been working on shapes and patterns in MiF and doubles+1 addition and adding money in Saxon.

Philosophy and Logic:
We discussed the Allegory of the Cave this week along with the effect of knowledge on perception.  We also talked a lot about the pre-Socratic philosopher's views of the four elements - air, water, fire and earth. CC is working her way through Sophie's World.

LB did 5 pages per day of Lollipop Logic 2. She's almost finished the book and is looking forward to a trip to the local teacher supply store to get a new logic book and look at the toys.

CC is working about an hour a day on writing a story.  I love watching her think through her character's actions and how to use dialogue to advance her plot.  She also worked 3 days on poetry memorization and copywork.

LB did 4 pages of ETC4 and got really excited about loopy words in cursive.  She's decided she loves cursive and realized her name is fun to write. She did 3 pages of cursive practice besides making a whole page of her name plus some favorite words like cute.

LB started studying rocks and minerals.
In biology this week, we studied fish and fish scales with our friends. Here are some pictures of the fish slides we studied on our microscope. 

CC read one of the Warriors books and started rereading Little Women again.  She also read through the The Egyptian News and all 6 of the You Wouldn't Want to Be a.. books that I'd picked up at the library to read to LB this weekend and The Cartoon History of the Universe vol. 1 which is part of a series that BB had enjoyed during middle school.
Hubby read a Magic Treehouse book about knights to LB.
Gma read a couple of Jan Brett books to LB
I read Kitten's First Full Moon, Comet's Nine Lives, Blueberries for Sal and One Morning in Maine  to LB, The Princess of Mars to CC and Sea Fairies to both.
At lunch I read How to Talk to Your Dog to everyone.
We all took turns reading Egyptology with LB.
LB read See How They Grow: Chick and Tiger is a Scaredy Cat.

 I was off work on Monday so we went to the museum and spent some time in the rocks and minerals section and in the Egypt exhibit. Cello featured Ode to Joy this week which made CC very proud to finally be playing Beethoven although all of us are now humming it.

We had a terrific week.


Monica . . . said...

It sounds like you had a terrific week! I love those fish slides, microscopes are so neat. I read Sophie's World this last year, interesting book. Glad you had fun!

Daisy said...

Wow, those pictures of the fish scales are amazing! I've never heard of Sophie's World. It looks really interesting.

Mrs. W said...

Fantastic week Karen! I love all of the reading you guys are doing - especially your choices for LB this week :)