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10 January 2012

Week 17 Day by Day

Here is our week, day by day. We are easing back into schoolwork focusing on reading, writing and math.  The enrichment programs are restarting, and we're getting used to being busy again.

Monday, I had two, one hour presentations for work.  I was awesome which is good because I had spent most of the weekend going over my presentation.  CC went to school where had she fun with her friends and  learned that not everyone knows the name of the emperor that commissioned the building of the Great Wall of China or why it was built.  She also had her cello lesson.  LB spent the time while I was preparing for and giving my presentation watching way too many episodes of All Dogs Go To Heaven on Netflix.  After my presentation, we did math (Saxon and Math in Focus), handwriting, and reading (A Fly Went By).  She also played with her toys, made a "wild animal trap", cuddled for some stories, and went to tap dancing.  My second presentation started at 10 pm for the office on the other side of the world.  As I went to bed, I found that after CC had finished the last chapters of Fablehaven, she had started and nearly finished Esperanza Rising.   Monday was a long day.

Tuesday started with a lovely sunrise.  LB had a hard time getting out of her cozy bed for school today, but she made it out the door almost on time having eaten most of her oatmeal for breakfast.  CC spent the morning building a castle with keva blocks then worked on presidents and multiplication instead of math.  She also found the long lost Sugar Changed the World so she could read the last chapter and return it to the library only a month overdue. She is restricted from reading in bed tonight because she was up entirely too late for a school night last night.  We had a discussion about the importance of sleep for cognitive function and making school a priority.  LB had fun at school and made salt dough  porcupines.  Right now, dinner is cooking, there are gf chocolate cookies cooling on the counter that the girls made,  they are playing in the living room, and I am sitting in between the two wondering if I am doing a good job of homeschooling.

Wednesday,  CC was up bright and early so I helped her make tapioca pudding for breakfast while I prepared for my morning meeting.  LB joined us and decided she couldn't wait for the pudding so she helped me make pancakes.  Gma helped her finish the pancakes, and they all had breakfast while I worked for a few hours.  After  breakfast, the kids played while I worked.  When I took a break from work, I helped LB get started with her Lollipop Logic pages and moved on to a few pages of math then I went back to work while CC  spent a few hours writing.  After my next meeting LB and I worked on Saxon and MiF then I checked on CC's math progress.  We went over a few problems and worked on rules with exponents then I went downstairs to read with LB.  After LB finished reading, CC explained a math problem to me that she had found interesting (I really love AoPS).  The girls played some more before it was time for CC's cello practice.  Afterwards, I made dinner and another day was done except for more reading before bed.  Tonight I read The Twelve Dancing Princesses to LB then a chapter of A Princess of Mars to CC.

Thursday, LB was up before me and greeted me with coffee in bed.  Hubby made her pancakes while I read to her and drank my coffee.  CC slept in because she'd been up late reading (my fault, I was reading beside her).  While I had breakfast and started work, LB used the kitchen scale to weigh her pancakes and figure out about how much a pancake weighs and about how many pancakes are in a pound then pulled out the Schleich animals and Keva blocks to build a zoo.  I worked in the morning while the girls either read the newspaper or played.  At lunch, LB read and did her logic and maths with me.  After lunch she played in my office and created her own office.  CC spent about four hours divided between working on her story, reading from  Sophie's World and doing math.  She was very pleased with the progress she made.  Judo, dinner, and stories finished up the day.

Friday is usually a long day at work for me.  I started early to get ready for my morning meetings. The girls watched Dirty Jobs (that's educational, right?) while they ate breakfast, and I had my first meeting. After both of my morning meetings, I took a break.  CC started with Sophie's World, and I started working with LB on her logic and maths after we baked some gluten free muffins. All five of us made it to the table for muffins which was a nice break in our day.  CC, Gma and I had a chat about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle plus the relationship between the early philosophers and science (muffins and philosophy are  great together).    Hubby is taking off a little early today to take them to the library, and I work late on Fridays.  We'll do more reading and such later tonight, but that is most of Friday.

A couple of random notes.  LB's non-fiction book this week is Calf.  Our science lab friends were sick this week, so we didn't have science.  Even though I didn't mention it, we did read every night.  We also typically read more during the day, but we this was still a light school week for us.   Next week we'll get back to a heavier workload.   Even when we do have more work, our days are pretty much like this.   Since hubby and I both work from home most days, our school day really stretches to match our work day.  They're learning to keep busy when I'm busy and work when I'm not as busy. And that was our week.


Mrs. W said...

You sound as though you are doing a great job juggling the work/homeschool. I also work from home but only half the hours that you do and it is definitely a challenge!

Gillian said...

Dirty Jobs is totally educational! I admire you for juggling homeschooling and working - I do it too, and it isn't always easy.