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06 January 2012

Week 16 - Welcome to 2012

Welcome to the new year.

We had a hard time getting back to school this week.  BB left dark and early Wednesday morning for his flight back to Japan.  He is now TWO semesters from graduating. Remember the first January he left?  It doesn't seem like that long ago at all.

Other than skiing, mountains, snow, lovely weather, tubing, swimming, and BB going back to school, I finally got the cold that everyone else had during the holidays.  While they had it, I enjoyed reading and peace and quiet.  With their school, my work and my cold this week, they get to read for school.  It only seems fair.

Wednesday, I started reading The Sea Fairies to the girls after breakfast  then had LB read half of a Level 3 reader to me while CC read Extreme Scientists.   We're starting a new book about the history and science of siege weapons  which  follows some catapult building we did over Christmas break.  Once she learns more about it, we'll move from gravity to tension and torsion powered devices while adding some additional math to the fun - the quadratic equation will soon take center stage around here along with some very perfect parabolas.  This is what happens when CC does most of the work I'd planned for the year before it is halfway finished.  Yes, catapults aren't just for knocking over castle walls and annoying your sister; they are a fun way to use the quadratic equation!

Thursday, we started out the day reading The Sea Fairies in the comfy chairs at the coffee shop while waiting for GMa to get a blood test.  After that, LB read more of her reader and CC read more of her Extreme Scientists book.  Later, CC explained photosynthesis to LB - including "pulling apart water which is H20 to make oxygen" and making glucose.  It was a pretty nice explanation.

Friday is actually science day.  Our friends came over for our next lesson from ClassiQuest Biology in which we learned about insect legs.  The girls  did their reading, and I still have my cold.  I am  preparing a training session for 45 people for Monday - I'm more than ready for my cold to be gone.


SCGS said...

DS loves Extreme Scientists and I just know that book on siege weapons would be a hit - going to look into that one!

Mrs. W said...

My DC would love a week full of just reading.....and frankly, so would I :) Happy new year!

My name is Tiffany said...

Looks like despite your cold you had a great week.