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30 March 2012

Spring Break Week

Monday - it was was windy and a little cold so the kids spent the day inside doing art projects and playing.
Tuesday - the weather was warmer and nicer.  I started reading Robin Hood to them over breakfast then they went outside to play.  They played in the yard, in the cul-de-sac, in the sprinklers, and in the open space behind the house in a ravine and in a stream.
Wednesday - the weather was warmer and nicer, again.  I  took off 4 hours from my busiest day of the week to meet our friends at the park.  It was wonderful to have all the kids together and outside again.  It was a huge improvement over my typical Wednesday.
Thursday - I took the girls in for checkups.  Apparently, they are both healthy, happy and well-adjusted.   After lunch they both spent the afternoon with friends then went to Judo which happily wasn't on spring break.
Friday - the weather was perfectly warm, sunny and clear.  We did a quick clean up Friday morning to reduce the amount of housework we had to do on the weekend.  After that the girls played and played.

During the break week, I taught the girls to play Hearts and Rummy so we now have two new card games that we can all play.  We had a wonderful week and enjoyed our time together.  Do I really have to do school next week?
LB helped the zookeepers with the giraffes


Sonshine Classical Academy said...

Sounds like you had a great break. Those are so nice :).

Gillian said...

We were just thinking of reading Robin Hood (thanks to Knight's Garden by E. Eager) I haven't quite decided between the Howard Pyle version or the Roger Lancelyn Green version.

Looks like a good week of spring break!

Is said...

My 6yo loves Robin Hood so much that it has to be periodically hidden away where she can't find it lol