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06 April 2012

2011-12/Week 27 Raising People

I think it is important to remember when homeschooling that you are in the business of educating people.

This week LB
  • listened to me read 6 chapters of  The Wizard of Oz over breakfast.  We had a great discussion wondering if it was more important to have a heart or a brain and speculating about what a coward would want.  It was hard making sure no one in the family told her what the Cowardly Lion was going to ask the Wizard for.  Can you remember a time when you didn't know he wanted courage?  I can't.
  • did 6 chapters from Life of Fred Apples
  • read 3 sections from CLP Nature Reader 1.  After she read about gall and gallflys, she clipped a piece from an aspen that had gall.  We'll open it up this weekend.
  • read Father Bear Comes Home
  • worked 6 pages from ETC5
  • did 3 pages from McRuffy Cursive Handwriting
  • did 3 lessons from WWE1
  • had a snow day off from her enrichment school which was a great disappointment because she loves going to her school
  • went to tap dance and jazz dance classes
  • learned to trot on a horse
  • created a pink world in Spore and started  building houses for her family and friends in it 
  • spent a morning at the zoo and  helped with the giraffes 
This week CC
  • spent a day at school
  • learned about job interviews and practiced job interview skills
  • read and talked about the issues of bias, perspective, and correctness in history
  • practiced her cello and went to her strings class 
  • created campaigns in Spore: easy ones for her sister and more challenging ones that she'd enjoy 
  • shared the fun of her sister's snow day 
  • enjoyed solving word problems in math and then explaining the answers to me
  • tried to find information for a paper about trade in Europe  around 1000 AD that did not involved Vikings and realized that she'd need to change her topic which is okay because Vikings are one of her favorite topics
  • spent a morning at the zoo and watched the wolves while the zoo was still quiet and they were still active

This week I
--no way I'd make a list like that of what I've done this week.   I enjoyed my kids and worked hard at my job and remembered that "balance" is a myth as much as "doing it all" is.

Groom the horses
Saddle the horses

Come on Sunny, It's time

Ride the horses

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SCGS said...

Thank-you for sharing your week. I was both encouraged and inspired. :)