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13 April 2012

Week 28 Big Things and Little Things

Big things this week:

CC had her first real interview this week.  It is for a competitive volunteer position that she really wants for the summer.  She was very nervous, but we worked on first impressions, greetings, shaking hands, and answering interview type questions.  It is really hard to explain who you are and why you want a job to a stranger without some practice.  We should find out next week how she did.

LB moved up from reading "readers" to reading real books.  She is so proud.  She read Blueberries for Sal beautifully this week.  She's starting to realize that she can read.

This week marks two years since I moved from working weekends to working during the week while homeschooling.  I am much better at getting basic schoolwork done and meals on the table than I was two years ago.

Little things:
We found a sparrow nest in the front porch light.

LB daily work is still math, phonics, handwriting, WWE, read a section from CLP Nature  Reader 1, listen to a chapter from Wizard of Oz, and read from the assigned book.  This week she excavated a mummy from inside a pyramid using an archaeology kit.  I think she's learned a lot in an informal way about history in this unit.  While she was excavating, she reminded me that no mummy was found in the great pyramid.  When she found the pieces, she knew what the sarcophagus was and what the death mask was.  She also noted that there should have been more canopic jars. We spend time the day her sister is in school playing outside, taking walks, or doing art projects together.

CC is seeing rewards from her diligent cello practice.  She plays as well as the top student in her class and is often used as a positive example in class.  She loves the fact that she now sounds like she's playing music instead of just making noise.    Her daily work includes an hour of cello, an hour of research, an hour of writing, and an hour of math.  We spend time on the day her sister is at school to discuss our weekly philosophy reading and to work math word problems together.

BB is taking his finals over the next two weeks.  He has one semester left.
BB and GF

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MissMOE said...

I love your big things and little things catagories. Looks like a great week overall.