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20 April 2012

Week 29 Tigers and Ponies

The tiger liked the pony

He REALLY liked the pony
First of all, we have a fabulous zoo.   LB takes riding lessons at the zoo, and she gets unique opportunities like riding the pony up to visit the tigers.  This week she learned that tigers like ponies much more than ponies like tigers.    CC and I had terrific fun following them because the big cats were all extremely excited to see the pony.  The leopard even came out of her camouflaged spot to stare at the pony, pace and taste the air.

Next: CC GOT THE JOB!!!!  She will volunteer for 20 hours a week at our fabulous zoo.   She'll have fun, work with some terrific people and learn a lot.

Also of note, CC had her last concert of the season.  She was fabulous.  Here is a sample of her group.  They started the year with no experience and now make music.  It is just amazing to hear how much they've learned.
It is choppy so listen instead of watch

CC was sick most of the week and did no school other than reading until her concert Thursday.  LB had school Monday and Tuesday then succumbed to the virus too which put her in bed for a couple of days.   At this rate, we may not be finished with school until July.

On Thursday night, I spent a couple of hours at the parent orientation for the school CC will attend next year.  The more time I spend there, the more I love the place.  However, I learned some disturbing information about the local schools.  Thirty per cent of the sixth graders that enter the school are more than two years behind in math.  These are sixth graders that cannot do double digit multiplication or long division. It really reinforces my feelings about continuing to home school LB.

On Friday, CC took a grammar test at her future school and was sized for her school cello.   (The new school diagrams sentences and has an orchestra program; isn't that awesome?!) 

This week was good, but I hope we get more work done next week.


SCGS said...

Congrats to CC on the job and the concert! I hope everyone is feeling better for the weekend. :)

My name is Tiffany said...

Funny about the tigers liking the ponies. Good luck with CC's school and the transition.