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27 April 2012

Week 30 Noise or Music?

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo - thanks BB & GF for the picture

How quiet is your house?  If it were 9am, would your kids be allowed to play a didgeridoo inside?  How about a djembe?  We have a hour of cello here everyday.  Is there a real difference between that and a didgeridoo?  Is it summer yet?

LB is making amazing progress on all of her work - reading, writing and math. CC has started dragging her heels about everything except reading and cello.  That sums up the school work this week.  I could probably just post that for next week too.  The warm weather, blue skies and hint of green are starting to work against my resolve to continue school because I just want to spend my free time sitting in the sunshine or enjoying the outdoors.

Thursday was a different day for us.  CC had allergy testing most of the morning.  She either passed or failed depending on how you would grade it.  Apparently she breaks out in hives because she's severely allergic to a lot of things.  The doctor stopped the test after the first set of 10 allergens, so we get to go back again.  While we were gone, LB setup a pet store, made an information sheet for each animal, divided up her play money for everyone, and setup a cash drawer for herself.  She was busy  afterward selling animals and making change.  Too bad it wasn't a school day.

Other things this week:  LB had a talent show at her school this week.  She explained her three favorite tap dancing steps then did a short dance.  She was very poised and sounded confident even though she was nervous.   CC learned the Twelve Bar Blues and Star Wars Theme on the cello.  BB moved to a new apartment in Tokyo.  It is another 30 minutes by train from school but  less expensive.   Ever wondered how you move in Tokyo?  How about packing your belongings in suitcases, taking them on the train, and repeating until finished.   Ouch. 

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Anonymous said...

The cherry blossoms are beautiful! I don't think you're the only one with spring fever.....