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04 May 2012

Week 31 Yes, we still have fun

I took this picture this week to remind myself that we still have fun.  When I look at what I have planned for a week of first grade, it tends to look like workbooks, math, reading, writing, boring and no fun.  However, we get our scheduled work completed during the day with plenty of time left for free play.  I don't schedule things like building hotels with boxes from Amazon or mixing primary colors to make secondary colors or painting or finger painting, but our schedule leaves us lots of time for those things during the day.

CC has discovered that she loves caring for plants.  she started these herbs from seeds a few weeks ago.  She's been spending time everyday gently caring for them.  We picked up another seed tray and some flower seeds this time - maybe she can grow some dahlias for me.

This week for school, LB continued to stretch herself in her reading.  She reads really well, but doesn't yet have a lot of confidence.   She'll get there.  She still loves LoF for math right now.   She happily does her handwriting, phonics and WWE1 assignments everyday.  We're doing great in our groove except that she was sick Thursday.

CC is happily moving through some math, for a change.  She's also reading a lot and practicing cello for an hour a day.   We've finished all of the work I'd planned for history this year, so we started reading The Ancient Near Eastern World because we have it and haven't read it yet.  She had a formal evaluation from her cello instructor this week which was a good experience for her.  She also had her first training sessions for her summer volunteer job which looks to be as fun and educational as we'd hoped. We all went to a concert at her future school to hear the orchestra class perform.  They are amazing, and she's looking forward to being a part of the group.

We finally got together with our friends for science and did our blood typing kits.  I want a retest because it said I was A negative.  CC is O positive just like her dad and mine.

The weather is beautiful, and we're looking forward to a great weekend.

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Gillian said...

My dd loves gardening too. She's very happy hanging out in the greenhouse or garden, puttering about, and watering. I like that you leave time for the fun parts of life--I think that's a very important part of the homeschooling adventure!