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11 May 2012

Week 32 - Teacher Work Week

It had to happen eventually.  I took the week off from being a home school mom that works to be a working mom.  I traveled to the company headquarters for work this week.  I had to get dressed and wear shoes every day.  It actually mattered that I fix my hair and eat my breakfast early in the day.  I spent all day every day talking to grown ups about work.  In addition to my usual work, I had meetings, met with people that I've worked with for years and never met,  and shared ideas.   I  had all of my meals prepared by someone else and ate with grown ups.   I didn't teach a lesson or correct manners, math or grammar all week.

Every night, I hurried back to the four star hotel after a nice  dinner  so that I could read and talk to the girls before they went to sleep.  I got up early so I could talk with them before I went to work.

Despite the hard work and long days, I couldn't help but think of how nice this kind of life is.  People listening to me.  Looking nice.  Feeling smart.    At the end of the week, I was lonely and wanted to be where somewhere loved me most of all.  I'm really glad that I can give up "all of this" and go back to my real life.    I made the choice years ago to be there for my kids.  I've never regretted that choice.  They're worth it.

However, I had a fun week.  It was probably the most fun I've had at work in a long time.  It was good to be at the company office and feel like I was a contributing member of this LARGE organization.   I think it was just what I needed to help me remember why I never quit work and remember why I work so hard to make this balance work.

I appreciate both sides of my life.

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