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08 June 2012

Week 36 One more week

This has been a terrific week.  The sun has been shining, the kids have been playing, and everything is going along at a summer pace.  My peony even bloomed.

LB achieved a great landmark in reading this week.  She wanted to read a chapter book and chose Stink.  She is reading it smoothly and over three days of reading time has almost read two full chapters.  She wants to be able to read a chapter a day.  She keeps stopping during her reading to admire how good her reading is.  I love it.  We'll keep working on reading daily even when school is officially over.

I  got the results of CC's CAT-E survey test.    She did very well, but I knew she'd be fine.  She finished her math placement test for next year and had her first private cello lesson for the summer.  She finished the training portion of her volunteer job and started the real job.  She comes home exhausted and happy after every shift.  This is going to be a big summer of growth for her. 

Today is the 167th day of our school year.   We're really almost done. 

An update on BB in college:  he is working hard in his summer semester and finding his classes challenging which he loves.  Before the semester started, he moved to a new apartment further outside of Tokyo where the rent is less expensive and he can see the sky.  He's still working at an English school teaching little kids, and he's started his required internship which he loves.  After this semester, he'll just have two more classes before he's all finished.  He's decided on a challenging career path in diplomacy and is working toward it.  I couldn't possibly be prouder of him.  He is amazing, and I miss him.

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