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15 June 2012

Week 37 School's Out for Summer

This week was the last week of our school year.  LB spent the week at  zoo camp (it's a day camp).  It was very strange to not have her here, but she loved it.  She got to do a lot of hands-on educational things like preparing meals for different types of animals.  Her highlights for the week were feeding crickets to frogs, salad to a skunk and meatballs to a tiger.   CC, happy that her schoolwork is over, decided to start working on a historical fiction novel set during the Manhattan Project.  She's spent the week researching the draft in World War II and adding more notes to her files about the Manhattan Project (she's been fascinated with it all year).  She also learned to search historical census records and found draft cards from WWII.   She still says she doesn't like history or writing, but I know better than that. When I do my evaluations next week, I'm planning to count research and writing as definite successes.

 In other news, LB got her first job.  Yep.  She's 7;  I was beginning to think she'd never get one.  She's going to be assisting in her tap dancing class and also moving up to the next level.  She's really cute helping with the younger kids.  Now that both of the girls are working, it should be a very interesting and fun summer.

And that is all.  School is finally and officially out for summer.  It has been a terrific year.

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My name is Tiffany said...

Great week. How great that LB got a job, how fun.