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25 August 2012

Week 2 - Day by Day

Monday -
CC was up right on time at 6:30.  I made her waffles and turkey bacon for breakfast.  Hubby came down a little later and joined us; then BB came down around 7:00.  CC and I reviewed her Latin vocabulary words as she was finishing her breakfast then we all helped her with tips on how to get her 19 1/2 pounds of books back into her backpack.  She was out the door a little late at 7:20.

I started waking LB up at 7:30, but she was too warm and cozy and didn't get up for about 15 more minutes.  I made more waffles and more bacon plus her lunch.  She enjoyed breakfast then BB walked her to the bus stop at 8:20.

Hubby took me to the doctor for my horrible, aweful sore throat.  BB took himself shopping for some food and stuff to take back to Japan.  He's all packed and ready to go.  They got the girls home from school, and we all went out for dinner.  I was getting more and more sick.

Tuesday -
Tuesday was kind of a blur to me.  I had had the worst sore throat ever since Friday, hubby took BB to the airport at 4am, and I spent part of the morning throwing up blood because of the sore throat. Ick.  The girls made it to school with Hubby's help, and I started feeling better after I could keep some food down and the antibiotics kicked in.  Tuesday night the kids were tired, but happy.

They shared about their day over dinner.  CC beamed after telling how her Latin teacher noted that her homework was good and that she was a perfectionist.  Latin is her favorite subject.  Also, her science teacher said, "Wow" after she explained how a virus works to the class.  She loves getting  feedback from her teachers.   LB excitedly described her science experiment and explained to everyone how her reading circle works and what a "whisper phone" is used for - they're for the kids to quietly read to themselves while the teacher listens to one child read.

We're all missing BB already.

Wednesday -
I made some rice pudding for breakfast which both the girls enjoyed.  CC read and discussed Gilgamesh with me over breakfast then hubby took her to school.  LB was sleepy again.  Over breakfast she shared that the girl that sits across from her is mean, and she's been having trouble in class.  When was LB the first in class to earn enough points to go to the prize bin, the girl said to her, "You don't always have to be so perfect."  When they were standing in line a girl accused her of bragging about the prize she chose (a cute, stuffed puppy).  Another time, a girl asked her why she's always trying to be the best at everything.  We talked about her feelings, and  I  reaffirmed that trying your best is the right thing to do.

After my morning meeting, I sat in a very empty and quiet house wishing LB was home.  I really miss her.  I wonder if this is the the right choice.  I wonder if I want her here because it is best for me or because it is best for her.  When I brought BB home, I knew it was best for him.  When I sent CC to the charter school this year, I knew it was best for her.  I'm just not sure what's best for LB.

CC enjoyed school again even though she came home early because she wasn't feeling well.  She took a nap and did her homework which included math and writing a legend for history class.

LB had more trouble today with girls siding against her and telling her she's not so smart and that she hurt their feelings by always trying to be the best in class.  She came home with 4 pages of phonics homework and a page of math homework.  She's off for the next two days for "scheduled individual testing".  So I guess we'll  do some phonics and math on her days off.

CC spent the day in bed after being up most of the night with a stomach bug.

LB had her first ever standardized test.  It was a half hour individual test administered by her teacher, and she loved it.  After the test she played on the playground for a while before we went home.  At home, she played doggie kindergarten with our dogs.  I read them a chapter from Wind in the Willows, and taught them math, art and music.

BB finally arrived in Japan, safe and sound but exhausted.

CC started running a fever and now has a sore throat too.

I woke CC up at 6:30 for breakfast to see how she felt then sent her back to bed with her fever.  I called her in sick for school, again.  I had missed having the girls home, but I'd be happier if she were healthy and in school than sick in bed.

We took CC to the doctor then she spent the rest of the day in bed.  LB hung out, did some of her homework, read to me, and watched too much tv.  She seems to be feeling under the weather and says her tonsils feel too big.  I hope she's not going to be the next victim of the sore throat, but I suspect it is just a sympathy sore throat.  

 Even with her two days off from school and  about 6 hours of homework to catch up, CC still loves school. The jury is still out for LB.  I'm trying hard to be encouraging and give school an honest try. 

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