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31 August 2012

Week 3 Back Home

After watching the street sweeper, LB designed her own.

Well, we lasted for 6 days with LB in the local public school.  On Monday, she stayed home because she didn't want to go, and I didn't have the conviction to make her go when she was unwilling.  Hubby and I talked about school and decided to just withdraw her now instead of waiting for a one-month trial.  We started homeschooling again on Tuesday.

Right now, we are ramping up our work.  She read every day.  She did a chapter in Fred Cats and a lesson in R&S Math 2 everyday and declared, "I feel like a math monster!  I love math!"  I started reading The Wind in the Willows to her.  She also copied a paragraph from the CLP Nature Reader each day in addition to reading a chapter.  Next week, we'll add in phonics and spelling then add in some geography.  We added a morning walk to our day and some outside playtime.  She's been drawing, coloring, labeling and laminating families of dinosaurs that now have nests and herds all over the floor of my office.  We had a great week.

CC had another terrific week at school.  She's finally gotten her homework time under control and is getting all 19 pounds of homework completed in a reasonable amount of time.  She took a quiz in grammar and got 42/44 and got a 44/45 on her math quiz which are her first two quizzes ever.  She's told me that she can feel the wrinkles in her brain soaking up more information.

For the first time this school year, I'm happy about school and feel like everyone is where they should be. I guess this will be my eleventh year homeschooling.   I have a homeschool graduate who is a senior in college in Japan, a sixth grader in a classical charter school for the first time, and a second grade homeschooler.  I still have a lot to learn.


Tonia said...

Sounds like you are finding what fits for your family. I love the "math monster!" comment - so cute! ;-)

Gillian said...

My dd9 loves math too... we switched to MCP math for her this year, along with living books, and she's loving it.

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh a *tiny* bit at how long LB lasted at school... I don't imagine my kids would make it any longer!