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05 September 2012

Triumph, a page at the time

 It is a long time coming, but I'm claiming a cautious triumph today in reading.  I set a firm rule of 20 minutes of reading a day a few weeks ago for LB.  It has been painful to get her to complete that goal.  She is a terrific reader but lacks confidence.  Sunday,  she read Marley the Farm Dog because I wanted her to read a full story that she'd find easy.  Monday, she reread it, twice.  Tuesday, I picked up another Marley book for her to read and Trumpet of the Swan to use for copywork.  She asked if she could read Trumpet of the Swan instead which I agreed to but cautioned her about the small font.  She read two pages and was exceedingly proud.

Today, I offered Marley for reading again, but she chose Trumpet again.  She didn't want to stop after a page.  She didn't stop until she finished the chapter.  She asked if she could just read Trumpet of the Swan for reading until she finished it.  She declared that enormous is an easy word, but not as much fun to read as sizzled.  It helps that she's listened to E.B. White read Trumpet of the Swan to her a few nights a week for the past few years and that it is her favorite book in the world.  I should probably give him credit for writing such a terrific book, but I'm still claiming a small victory bringing another child into the literary world one page at the time.

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Tonia said...

She must be excited! The Trumpet of the Swan is not an easy ready as far as early chapter books are concerned. Momma must be so proud!