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07 September 2012

Week 4 - Victories and Allergies

It was a really great week.  LB has been pretty happy being at home.   She's making slow and steady progress through her math and writing and has found her place in reading.  This is her daily work:
  • A chapter from LoF Elementary - currently in Cats
  • A lesson from R&S Math 2
  • Copy at least 2 sentences from the CLP Nature Reader 1  although she's been copying a whole paragraph (we had some chapters left from last year before we start book 2)
  • I read aloud a couple for chapters from a couple of books - Currently reading The Courage of Sarah Noble and a children's Bible.
  • She reads at least 2 pages from Trumpet of the Swan to me.  Two is the minimum, but she's never stopped at just two.
Next week, we're adding in spelling.   She's excited about that.   Second grade is progressing nicely.  Her non-school work this week has included a lot of play with Schliech horses and of course the paper dinosaurs - this week they migrated from one side of my office to the other to find more food.  They need to be boxed up today so I can vacuum.

Now for CC who is attending the amazing classical charter school, the pollen count is high.  She came home Tuesday itchy with aggravated asthma.  Wednesday, she came home with hives so I put her back on a medicine to help then started to worry that if she's this bad in the fall when the weed pollen is high, she'd never make it in spring when the tree pollen explodes.  I have a plan to work with our doctor and the school to get hepa air filters for the school and portable air purifiers for the classrooms she uses.  All I need is some way to get grants to happen so I don't need to save up and buy them myself.  I chatted with the school nurse and the dean of girls.  We have to do something before spring.

Other than air filled with pollen, school is still everything I had hoped it would be for her.  This week was the Back-to-School Night so I got to chat with most of her teachers.  Her Latin teacher asked if she had shown a talent or affinity for grammar because she seems to have no problem with the Latin grammar.  I had to explain that we had homeschooled, and I never taught grammar because I had found it too abstract to teach to a younger student.  I had been saving grammar for middle school and Latin.  She has said that she loves Latin grammar because it makes so much sense.  It is nice to see a classics teacher smile.  Of course, now it will be harder than ever to start grammar with LB.

One more thing.  Quickly now.  What is 7 / 1.4 ?  How fast did you figure that out? Did you get it without writing it down? Math is currently covering a lot of computation that we'd covered in 4th and 5th grade so CC is sailing through it, but she can still amaze me.  The answer to that problem was obvious to her, and her explanation confused me greatly, but  it had something to do with half of 14 and 10 times 7 and something.  It was the problem she was assigned to work on the board which she did in her head while writing it down.  She is doing great in school.


Gillian said...

I'm glad CC is loving school, and I hope you get the allergy thing worked out. And I am glad to see LB is happy back at home!

Mary said...

We are going to read Trumpet of the Swan this year.

Looks like a good week!

Jess said...

The math problem is impressive!