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02 November 2012

Week 11 - Slow and Steady

LB learning about food in ancient Rome

CC still not feeling well, but still exploring ancient Rome

LB and I enjoying history

LB - Second Grade
We started reading the Oak Meadow book  of folk tales and started back where we left off in R&S Math.    Additional, we played lots of card and board games, watched a lot of Magic School Bus and went for long daily walks.   The VT exercises are still hard for her, but she is making  little improvements every day.  I also installed the new Classical Conversations Year 1 app on my phone.  I have a CC book and cd but have had trouble making the review a part of our daily routine.  Maybe this will help.

CC - Sixth Grade
Went back to the allergist Monday for a follow-up.  After a week of watchfulness and worry, she is still steadily improving from last week's systemic reaction.  The allergists have gone over her records and agreed that she should not have anymore allergy shots.  We're going back next week for another follow-up and to discuss an alternative long-term management plan.  I read a terrific post this week about anaphylaxis. 

Not a lot to report in school because it is terrific.  She's been learning about ancient Egypt, prepositional phrases, genetics, prime number factoring, and learning lots more Latin vocabulary.   Even though she's ahead of her orchestra class, she enjoys playing as part of a group with her classmates.   She was spending a couple of hours a day after school doing homework, but now finishes most of it during their afternoon study hall/ tutorial period which has been a big relief to her.  She still practices her cello most days for about an hour or until her fingers or arm hurts.

Last night while we were talking about school, she explained how much easier it is to do GCF using prime number factorization and asked why I didn't teach her to do it that way first.  Try explaining to a 6th grader that there is more than one way to do it, and that she first learned GCF in 4th grade which was way before she learned prime numbers.

We had a good week.  It was not exciting except our visit to the Pompeii exhibit.  We are in a slow and steady mode right now.

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