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09 November 2012

Week 12 - Fall Back, Reading, Music

With the time change, it is dark when I finish work, but the sun rises as I make my morning coffee.  I'm never sure if it is a good trade.

Second Grade:
School seemed a lot more like school this week.  I've continued to increase LB's work back near normal levels.  It seems to take us all day, but we're getting through it.  She does 4 vision exercises daily which can take a half hour or up to an hour depending on how many times she has to straighten her hair and adjust the eye patch.  She's been doing R&S Math lessons daily again and has decided that Daddy is the perfect person to do review math with her.  She does ETC6 with GMa daily.  I typically do Life of Fred and memory work with her.  She also gets a nice folk tale every morning plus a story at least one more time during the day.  She and GMa spent a lot of time this week coloring pictures of horses and Thanksgiving pictures that we printed from here.
LB riding an elephant at the penny arcade.

All About Reading - or is that play?

This week, we started All About Reading 2.   She knows all of the words, but her vision  slows her down.  I hope this will help her learn some strategies to tackle new words and get practice while we work on her vision.  She enjoyed the first two lessons so far, and I found out that she is pretty good at spelling.  She likes the activities best.  So far we've made strips of ants with words to feed an anteater and matched puppies with their toys for rhyming words.   

Sixth Grade:
CC had a rough week this week, but is doing well.  She had another stomach virus this week and missed a day of school.  She also had several quizzes, a science test and an ancient Egyptian feast (we brought ale (ginger ale), dates, gf bread and honey, and gf couscous).
CC and GMa taking a break from window shopping.

She's  been working on Christmas songs in cello so we all have "Silent Night" and "We Wish You  a Merry Christmas" stuck in our heads already.

Guess who's going to play bass?

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Adamant Academy said...

Looks like you had a fun week! Glad it was just a little virus and nothing to bad my house went through mono last year and it took forever for all of us to recover!