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18 November 2012

Week 12 1/2 Creating complexity

"Humans tend to create complexity."

This week our home and school stretched a little to make room from more complexity.  CC was asked by her cello teacher to audition for a strings group.  We  received a letter from her school notifying us that she'd been identified for their gifted and talented program.  She also excitedly joined the Junior Classics League.  LB started her bass lessons and found that she loves it as much as she though she would.

Sixth Grade:
CC had another great week.  She's realized one of the reasons she loves Latin (besides the fact that it is orderly and logical) is that she has never learned it before so it is all new to her.  She was frustrated with her science this week because the topic was ecosystems.  She has very strong feelings about human intervention in ecosystems and strongly disagreed with the simplistic answers provided in her textbook.  She's currently loving math because her teacher has moved her and a few other girls to the back row in class and started assigning them more challenging problems for each topic they cover in class instead of the more simple problems.  Overall, she had a great week in school but is looking forward to a week off.

Second Grade:
This week LB and I enjoyed Jan Brett's newest book Mossy about a turtle taken from her pond.  After we read it and examined all of the pictures, we pulled out a book of Natural History and looked up the names of as many plants and things as we could find.  It was a great way to tie literature with science.  Along with Mossy, we enjoyed Swirl by Swirl which is another illustrated science poetry book by Joyce Sidman.

She worked hard on her vision therapy exercises to get her eyes to focus together as she moves them.  We continued in ETC6 with phonics along with AAR2.  She had her first actual reading assignment from a book since we started vision therapy.  She was very nervous and resistant to reading, but once she started, she was surprised at how well she read.  She's still been working with Daddy in math - slow and steady.  I still like R&S2 for her. The amount of practice seems like a lot to me, but it makes her feel successful and helps to make it automatic.  We're still working through the OM Folk tales which are varied and entertaining.

Our week was good.  I'm looking forward to them being off from school next week to add some simplicity back to our lives for a short time. 

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Researcher said...

Karen I was so upset in August when your dd's both started public school,On a whim I came back to your site to see how you are doing and Lo and behold I see you back to homeschooling!So happy to see you back!Looks like both your dd's are doing well where they are!
Best wishes!