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07 December 2012

Week 13 Long, Good, and Painful

Right at this moment on a Friday morning, LB is at the park where she'll spend the day playing at a nature center all day, and CC is sleeping after being in the ER with me until the wee hours of the morning.  That is a tiny picture of our week.  Yesterday, LB was at a Waldorf co-op that we recently joined making gingerbread cookies and painting with watercolors while CC was at school taking a science test and preparing for her winter orchestra concert.  Last night, after the wonderful concert, we found out that she is allergic, very allergic, to tree nuts.  I also had my first experience jabbing her with an epipen which was no fun.  It was a long, long week.

Right now, the Waldorf co-op is providing LB and I with a tiny community to belong to.  She's getting art, music, stories, and lots of outside time with a few children instead of just working around my work schedule.

I'm back to being very afraid for CC with yet another life-threatening allergy, but  we knew right away what the reaction was and didn't underestimate it.  We reacted exactly the way we should have even though we were afraid, and we didn't panic.  She seems to get in a perfect balance in her life then her health throws it out again.  We'll fight to get  control back again.

The best thing I heard all week:
When I came home from the ER last night I peeked in LB's room to kiss her sleeping head good night.  She rolled over and sang, "Carry me home."


Adamant Academy said...

sorry about the allergies they are no fun but it is great you could do that I hope I never have to stab anyone with an epi!

zendra said...

So sorry about the epi. I haven't had to use one on my son yet. But I know I will someday and it just terrifies me.