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17 April 2009

I don't think I can teach her to read

LB is my last, best hope for teaching a child to read. I have failed miserably with the older two. I was determined to teach this one.

BB learned to read on his own while he was in pre-kindergarten. I had planned to try to teach him to read, but he learned how before I had the chance. CC wanted to learn to read so that she could read to LB after she was born. I tried to teach her, but she wasn't ready at 3 or even early 4 so I put everything away. One day, I found her reading Go, Dog, Go to herself.

Today, LB climbed into my lap while CC was having her spelling test and wanted words to write. After I asked her what she wanted to write, she hopped down and returned with the wooden letters and spelling set. She happily spelled cat, bear, duck, and car with her wooden letters then copied them onto paper. I looked at the remaining letters and spelling words and asked if she would spell frog while I was gone to rotate the laundry. As I came back from downstairs, I heard her telling her sister, "Mommy wants me to spell frog, but I won't do it. She doesn't know that princesses don't like frogs." Of course that was the end of our spelling. I couldn't convince her to spell anything else after insulting her by asking a princess to spell frog. I am not going to be able to teach her to read.

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