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17 April 2009

WR28 - A Famous Mathematician

First do you know what Graupel is? Yesterday, we had rain, graupel, and thunder which finally all surrendered to a snow storm early this morning. You gotta love spring and forms of water that you never knew existed.

We had a wonderful week. I am starting to think that second grade might actually work out for us. We had a visit from home schoolers that live a hop, skip and jump from us on Monday, then we walked to their house. It is great to know somebody that close that home schools. It is like we aren't so weird after all.

First, BB is taking finals this week and next at the university in Tokyo. He feels like he is doing well. So far he knows that he received a 95% on the Japanese oral final. Excellent!

Before I say anything about school for the ones at home, let me say that I love MEP math. CC, who used to fight over every little problem in math, dreamed last night that she was a famous mathematician.

We completed lesson 103 in MEP2. CC is breezing through the multiplication and division. She is doing multi-step problems. She is not complaining a bit. I love this math.

We finished Spelling Power List E, Group 1. We have a routine that seems to be working for us this week. I test for 6 minutes, starting with any words she missed from the previous day. Then she spends 12 minutes "playing with words". She comes up with her own ways to practice words during this time, and she has so far loved that. We are finding words and patterns of words that she doesn't know how to spell. For instance, she spelled except as accept.

We received the Sonlight Science 2 Discover and Do dvd and the science kits this morning. The girls had already made a circuit and tested most of the kitchen to see what conducts electricity before I left for work. Hopefully this will help to add more hands-on science to our week. The kids wanted science experiments that they could do by themselves. LB smiled proudly at me when she was explaining what she had done (while I was drying off from my shower). She said that she likes being a scientist. Hubby looked concerned when I told him what the kids were doing, but I explained that even if they tried, they couldn't hurt themselves with Double-A batteries.

We read about Joan of Arc, the War of the Roses, and Ferdinand and Isabella in history this week. The girls decided that wouldn't want to be inline for a throne during the middle ages. We also read some stories about Robin Hood, and are getting ready to read an illustrated version of Ivanhoe. Those are in preparation for rereading Knights Castle by one of our favorite authors, Edward Eager. We have read it twice already for fun, but never in relation to history and the other works of literature that it discusses. Eager is great about making CC excited to read other authors and learn about the timer periods that he writes about.

Other than all that, CC has chosen The Tyger by William Blake as her next poetry project. LB chose Hurt No Living Thing as her next poem to learn. They are funny, because by the time they both learn them, they will also know each other's poem.

We also had writing, art, and other such stuff, but these were the highlights and important things (that I still remember as of Friday night).

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