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16 April 2009

So good that we're boring

Today, I was in a meeting with a senior manager and my group from work. Since our group provides a service to the rest of the company, his goal is that we are "So good that we're boring." I've thought about that statement the rest of the day. For services, you usually only think about them when they don't work as expected or when there is a catastrophe.

When something doesn't work, it isn't boring because you are struggling with it. When you are learning to do something, you notice it because it is harder at first than it will be later on. When you lack confidence in something, you notice it, and it isn't boring. What happens in a home school when everything is going well?

Often, the teacher starts to get bored. We get used to struggling with things. Then when things start working well, we start to worry. We look for things to change. We wonder if we are doing enough. That schedule and set of lesson plans and stack of material that we worked so hard to get "right" now seem wrong just because it is working so well that it has become boring.

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