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10 April 2009

WR27 - Sand in the house?

What you see pictured here is a real look at my school table. I didn't clean it up for the picture. The little one is still in her pj's, and the middle one is supposed to be writing her spelling word (yeah word) in the sand. Doesn't writing spelling words in sand sound like a nice, multi-sensory activity? It does. Now quit laughing. My hubby even laughed - he asked who on earth suggested giving sand to kids? It was of course the end of school. It wasn't the planned end of school, but I couldn't get anyone's attention back after somebody found a tiny seashell in the sand left over from last time we used it for a craft. So I just gave in, brought out my box of ocean-themed stuff and poured myself a cup of coffee. A long, hot shower helped too. The girls had fun then we cleaned up. Most of the sand really stayed on the plates - I was surprised.

We started last week in MEP math at lesson 84, this week we finished lesson 99. I am still loving it. We had a minor victory Wednesday when CC had to figure out what number times 3 plus 18 equals 75. Once she got the answer she was a little disappointed because it was "just like easy math but with bigger numbers." She was very proud of her work this week.

She started her new art class. Its another pottery class - she loves pottery and is waiting to be old enough to use the wheels. She also took a field trip to a local pioneer center. Her favorite parts were scrubbing clothes on a washboard, drawing water from the well, making corn bread, and panning for gold. She loves history that she can see and touch.

All that and we took Monday off because we needed a day off, went to the park on Tuesday after we finished our work, found two tiny, baby bunnies in our back yard, spent over an hour at the library reading the first chapters of books looking for a good mystery for CC, had a great day on Wednesday at the park with our friends, and colored eggs today.

LB is starting to get very independent. At the library this week, while I was looking for books for CC, she was supposed to be looking at books or playing in the children's area. I turned to check on her and she was gone. I looked behind me and there she was walking back from the water fountain with a big smile. She had been thirsty and gone for a drink. "Mommy, this is a small library and I walked right by you to get the water. I know the way there and I could see you, but thanks for looking for me." Why did my 4 year-old give me such a good defense of her water fountain trip? Maybe, she is bigger than I thought she was, and the reason I leave her in the children's area while I look in the bigger kids area has a lot to do with the size and layout of the library. She's my little devious child. She had anticipated my objections and had an answer for them.

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Wee Pip said...

LOL about the sand! Other moms make it sound so nice to pull out the sand for spelling, but then it seems like utter chaos when I try those stunts!