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07 June 2008

Rethingking Art

My kids are very artistic, but I'm sure that I understand it. Somewhere in my life, I became convinced that I have no talent and should not be "doing" art. My kids have thankfully not learned that lesson. Hubby and I were discussing CC last week. She is very visual and is also very artistic like BB. She sees patterns in things and loves to model things in clay.

This is very hard for my non-artistic self to try to find ways to help my kids with their artistic abilities and to find ways to leverage those abilities for the rest of schooling. This morning, I read Drawing with Children, and was inspired. I want to get over my own insecurities with art, and I want to give art more prominence in our homeschooling. She included a couple of examples of using art in science, history, math and language arts. That is Exactly what I want to do. First, I have to get over my art insecurities.

I think I will work through the book with the kids, then I will be better able to use it to plan lessons. I can see using illustrated books with history and geography. Draw a map of the place; illustrate a scene from the time; study an artist or artistic technique from a time. Science would be easy to center around art. First, I have to get over my insecurities.

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Urban Mom said...

I know what you mean. I was terrible at art, and it always killed me to have to take a class for a grade when I knew I was hopeless. Good for you for working to keep that creative door open for your kids. Yet another bennie to hs-ing!