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09 December 2011

Week 14 - Going to be a long weekend

LB took this picture of a piece of sponge with our microscope

I will start my weekly wrap-up looking forward to the weekend instead of back into the past week.  This Saturday, the girls are both testing for their next level in Judo Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon, LB has a rehearsal for her tap class.  Sunday afternoon is LB's dance recital, and BB is coming home.  LB is also the only kid in her class so her recital is a solo.  I'm nervous and excited and anxious on so many levels.  Did I mention that BB is coming home?!

CC has a case of what we call "Creeping Crud;" she started getting sick on Monday.  Needless to say, she's done lots of lying around and reading.  I think this week's reading reflects our lower standards for sick kids - she's read four books in the Warriors series and Anne of the Island.  Nonfiction was nonsense to her fevered little head.

LB has been working steadily through her math and phonics.  Her new nonfiction book this week was See How They Grow: Duck.  She made a lovely orange/clove ornament to give to our neighbor.  She said that she'd never felt so happy or so proud as when our neighbor smiled when she opened the gift.

BB sent me a sweet one-line email letting me know he's in the middle of finals.

I heard the phrase "happily translating Ovid couplets" this week.  It made me feel good.


Mary said...

I hope sickness leaves your house soon!

MissMOE said...

Look the picture of the sponge--it is awesome! Hope the creeping crud doesn't creep around the family and that your little one feels better soon.